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The optimised snack for everyday living.
Inspired by mindful eating, engineered for you.

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The nutritional boost your body needs for positive everyday living

Mindful Bites is the first snack range inspired by mindful eating. Our snacks are expertly engineered to improve your everyday performance, by delivering an optimised nutritional boost for your body. We use carefully selected nutrient-rich, non-toxic ingredients and premium superfoods to deliver the vital nutrients your body needs for optimum wellbeing, everyday.

Feel fuller for longer with our satisfying snack range

Inspired by mindful eating, the texture of our snacks slows down the rate at which you eat. The combination of unctuous, superfood-rich nut butter and crisp chia seed and quinoa wafer works to satisfy both your stomach and your brain, making you feel fuller for longer.

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Change Your Life, One Bite At A Time

Our mission is small, but mighty. We’re here to begin a fundamental shift in the way you connect to your food. We’re drawing on the latest behavioural and nutritional scientific research to create an entirely new type of snack: a range that nourishes your physical wellbeing and a no-nonsense brand that promotes positive nutrition and lifestyle choices on a individual and communal level.

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Mindful Eating

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Snack With Intention

Mindfulness is changing the way we think about, consume and connect with our food. Diets are out, intentional eating is in. That means selecting your food with intention and awareness, reconnecting with the present moment, and consuming thoughtfully and in moderation. In essence, snack with intention.

It’s easy to talk about, tougher to put into practice. We’re here to help.

Find out how Mindful Bites could help you to modify your own eating behaviours and reconnect with your food today, using our Four Pillars of Mindful Eating.

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We’re changing behaviours, one bite at a time.

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