Join our mission to transform snacking forever, from on-the-go grazing to intentional eating behaviours and choices that nourish every aspect of your wellbeing.


At Mindful Bites, we don’t just believe snacking is good for you, we believe the right snacks hold the key to improved wellbeing. It’s all down to our eating behaviours. Snack mindlessly, on nutritionally poor snacks and you experience cravings, sugar highs and mid-afternoon crashes. We’ve all been there.

Luckily, there’s a better way.

Snack mindfully, with intention on nutritionally rich snacks, and something exciting begins to happen. Your blood sugar stabilises, meaning your cravings gradually disappear. Your concentration, focus and energy levels improve. Your performance improves.You feel a greater sense of wellbeing throughout the day. In fact everything improves, because your body receives the key nutrients it needs to work well on a daily basis.

That’s where Mindful Bites come in.

Inspired by mindfulness and the powerful effect it has on modifying behaviour, we’ve taken inspiration from the latest behavioural and nutritional scientific research to create an entirely new type of snack.

Our snacks deliver the vital nutrients your body needs everyday, with a texture that slows down the rate at which you eat, for greater awareness with every bite.

In other words, our snacks are optimised for everyday living, engineered for you.


Today, we have more knowledge about our food, nutrition and the role our gut plays in our overall wellbeing than ever before. Yet obesity levels are soaring. In fact, our generation may be the first to witness a life expectancy shorter than our parents. Obesity is a modern disease, the consequence of a culture of abundance. We need to address it now.

Is dieting really the answer? The old ideas about calories in vs calories out just don’t add up. Under the old rules of ‘eat less, move more’, you only had to stick to your recommended calorie intake; as long as your physical expenditure exceeded it, you would lose weight. Clearly, this is wrong. The calorie is broken. We need new ideas to solve the impending obesity crisis and we need them fast.

That’s our intention: to propose an alternative, sustainable solution to the obesity crisis, focused on long-term behavioural change on a communal and societal level.


We strongly believe that as a society, we need to fundamentally change how we approach food and drink.

Together, we need to rewire our reward association between high sugar, processed, and nutritionally poor foods with indulgence.

Together, we need to rekindle our relationship with our bodies and with our food, cultivating an intentional awareness of what our bodies actually need.

Together, we need to develop a non-judgemental attitude towards our eating cues, noticing how our wellbeing improves when we follow physical rather than emotional cues to eat.

When we act together with intention, we believe that destructive eating and lifestyle behaviours can be changed on a personal, communal and societal level.

There’s more. If we can inspire people to see food as a tool to help them be at their best, both today and long term, then we can go even further. We can inspire the world to see positive food choices and shared experiences as a way to build stronger human connections and more sustainable lifestyles.

This is the way to tackle our obesity crisis: one bite at a time.


“As an Italian and a lifelong foodie, I have always enjoyed experimenting with my cookery; flavours, novelty ingredients and their impact on the body and mind. My passion has led me to explore different cultures and the role that food plays in shaping human connections. It’s a role that is constantly changing, from a moment of warmth and togetherness around a set table, to a rushed activity on-the-go, squashed between work, home and other distractions. Our connection with our food, and with each other has become increasingly tenuous.

Addressing our broken relationship with food has become an important purpose to me, both professionally and personally. As we are drawn more to fast release, high-energy foods consumed on the go, levels of obesity and related conditions continue to rise. It’s a problem with serious consequences, right now and for the future. I strongly believe that we if can mend this broken relationship, it will have huge benefits; not just for our individual health and wellbeing, but the health and wellbeing of society as a whole, both in the short and long term. This is why I have started Mindful Bites, to make lasting change in our society, one bite at a time.”

Stephanie is also a active investor in tech and consumers startups, acts as a business mentor at Virgin Startup and is actively engaged in a number of SME networks across London.