Awesome Veganuary!

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Hello all our Mindful Friends!

How’s your #Veganuary going?
We’re so happy to see so many of our friends in the industry giving
#Veganuary a go this year and plant-based protein is most definitely on
the menu!

We thought we would reach out to one of our fellow health and fitness
enthusiasts and founder of Awesome Supplements, Ben Coomber to hear
his experience. Ben’s authentic voice in the world of training and
nutrition is one we’re happy to take notice of and spread his message.
At Awesome Supplements he has created a range of products that tastes
amazing, has the right ingredients and are produced to the highest quality
possible – that’s our kind of product!

For the first time this year Ben has decided to participate in Veganuary,

for many reasons we love this but particularly because:

  •  He’s never done it before! We applaud this willingness to try
    something new
  • Ben trains seriously hard and has a diet that is extremely rich in
    protein… how will he fare without animal produce?
  • Ben is totally awesome and we’re always happy to hear from him!

We decided to catch up with him and see how he was getting on so far:

Hi Ben!

When it came to choosing to participate in #Veganuary this year, what was your WHY?
One week in, how are you finding it?
Every time we embrace a change, there’s fear and anxiety that comes with it. What were you most afraid you would miss? And has it come true?
You work out a lot, specifically weight lifting – how do you think this will affect your performance? Any tips for guys and girls who lift on a vegan
A lot of celebrities have recently announced they are now vegan – any fave vegan celebrities? Anyone you look to for inspiration?