Sorry guys, no Black Fridays for us. We thought about it but we just cannot do it. We don’t like, we don’t understand it, we don’t support what it stands for, we detest entirely the anxiety and FOMO it generates👎

Most importantly, we have to stay truthful to our values, what we stand for and all the people behind the scenes, the unsung heroes that produce the awesome ingredients which allow us to make pretty damn good nut butters: the farmers. They are up at the crack of dawn, every and each day, treating the land with love and care, exposing themselves to the risks of volatile seasons and unpredictable crops, inevitable risks made bigger by our strict no-pesticides no-nasties policy.

Farmer Tending to Crops | Mindful Bites

We respect all the brands taking part, as we understand the need for a business to be commercially viable, and so many different factors come into play. But we simply cannot do it - we believe in mindful sustainable consumption, made of big but also small pleasures, made of the pure joy of realising that we are part of something bigger than us. And Black Friday, with its forceful encouragement to spend and consume fast, goes against our own promise to respect the planet and every single piece of the supply chain, from farm to fork.👨‍🌾👩‍🌾

Whoever fancies a beautifully coloured Friday (any colour you wish, apart from Black...we are here, always happy to crack a jar of nut butter open and share it with you all 🧡

Multi-Coloured Vegan Chocolate Spread | Mindful Bites