This Chocolate Cherry Bowl drizzled in our Brazil & Cacao Nibs nut butter, will inspire you to eat that little bit healthier. With only a handful of ingredients this bowl takes 5-10mins to make. The perfect recipe for Plant-Based eaters and Vegans! 


1 frozen banana

1 frozen courgette

Splash of chocolate almond milk

1 scoop of dark chocolate vegan protein 

Handful of cherries

1 heaped table spoon of Cacao Nibs

1 heaped table spoon of Brazil Nut & Cacao Nibs nut butter


Blend the frozen banana, courgette, chocolate almond milk and dark chocolate vegan protein together until smooth. Pour into your bowl and top with fresh cherries and cocoa nibs.

Drizzle your creamy nut butter all over and voila! Ready to eat :p 

Made with love by the one and only @foodiefittwinmummy

Chocolate Cherry Bowl Drizzled Brazil & Cacao Nibs Nut Butter | Mindful Bites