...Because 2020 should end with some fun! 

DAY 13 of the #veganxmasgang...Say Hello to this Chocolate Porridge dreamboat.

It's quick to make, high in fibre and protein, and will be sure to keep you going throughout the day. You can completely change the flavour each and every time, simply by changing a few simple toppings. The Urban Canteen knew what he was doing with this one.

So todays Vegan Xmas gang are showing how you can turn the most simple bowl of porridge into the most delicious breakfast everrrrrrr! The key to this is our velvety smooth, gooey Chocolate & Hazelnut Spread. @theurbancanteen has included some orange zest, chopped hazelnuts and some Christmas pudding bliss balls on this bowl. Keep your eyes peeled for the recipe for the bliss balls, as that will be coming soon.

Super easy, SUPER tasty! ⁠

Remember the Christmas pudding bliss balls are coming at anytime, so keep your eyes peeled.⁠