We know we are living in a surreal situation and these weird times can trigger all kind of dark emotions…So we thought we would share with you something which made us laugh and keeps making us laugh.

After recently coming across this hilarious post by Gemma Hayward, (inspired by Mike Busbys original piece) we just had to share this with you given that it is #WorldVeganDay! ;)

My daily routine:
Wake up.
Check pulse. Didn't die from protein deficiency.
Open window & shout, "Hello world, I'm vegan!"
Brush teeth with bamboo & leaves.
Wear t-shirt with witty vegan slogan.
Murder some plants.
Check phone. Get asked if eating chicken & fish is okay.
Piss people off with some posts about veganism.
Check pulse – yep, still alive!
Murder some more plants.
Get into heated 'farm animals will take over the world if everyone suddenly went vegan' debate.
Get told that God made animals for us to eat.
Reply to the person who pointed at their teeth & shouted “We’re fucking canines!”.
Walk the dog & say, "I'm vegan" to everyone I pass.
Hug a tree.
Go to local hook-up joint (the vegan aisle in ASDA).
Eye up everyone's shopping basket.
Smile at anyone that might be vegan.
Get escorted from the building after complaints of harassment by some "vegan weirdo".
Go home. Murder some more plants.
Panic because I’ve not mentioned I’m a vegan for an hour.
Log-on. Remind people I’m vegan.
Answer questions about “It’s the circle of life”.
Post some photos of my dinner, with the caption: “Vegans only eat rabbit food...lol”.
Ignore the comment: "I'm going to eat two steaks to balance it out".
Put my holier-than-thou halo back in the drawer.
Go to bed.
Die from malnutrition.