If you are familiar with our journey, then you know that we won’t be contributing to the frantic consumerism that is Black Friday and Cyber Monday. As you may recall from the relentless campaigns we run in the past years and our pretty vocal messages, we firmly say no to the Black Friday frenzy which goes against mindful consumption, preservation of resources and respect for the planet.
For most people, it is an incentive to buy products they didn’t even know they needed, fuelling overconsumption which is highly damaging for the environment. Scientists are warning us about the need to limit global warming to 1.5°C by 2030 - SHOP FOR THE PLANET is the starting point in restoring healthier consumption patterns and preserving resources.
This year we have decided to go beyond saying no to #BlackFriday. We want this day to stand for positive change. ‘Make Black Friday Green’ is our alternative to Black Friday and we’ve joined forces with
My Wardrobe HQ and Blue Marine Foundation to encourage everyone to shop more consciously.
Make Black Friday Green | Mindful Bites
And there is more! With ‘Make Black Friday Green’ we are standing by our commitment to the planet and planting 10 trees for each order towards nature based solutions. So if you purchase from our site today, you won’t get any special discount. Instead you will join our effort to making the planet greener with tangible actions. With the help of our friends at Earthly
Earthly we will use the proceeds from the Black Friday sales to plant hundreds of mangroves, helping to capture carbon, boost biodiversity and assist local communities.
Let's stop the Black Friday, let's consume better, let’s Make Black Friday Green.