Day 9⁠ - The Vegan Xmas gang are bringing you this delicious mulled apple on grilled Panettone this afternoon! The Urban Canteen smashed it again with this one.

A lovely way to start the day, super festive flavours, this week have you singing 'deck the halls' in no time at all!

Bookmark this post so you can save the recipe. Hashtag #veganxmasgangso that we can reshape on our stories.⁠

We've topped ours with yoghurt, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds and pomegranate.⁠

• 2 Apples⁠
• 3 Tbsp Maple Syrup⁠
• Mindful Bites Classic Veganettone. ⁠
• 1 Orange - zested and juiced⁠
• Yoghurt⁠
• ½ tspn Ginger ⁠
• ½ tspn Cinnamon⁠
• ½ tspn All spice⁠
• 1 cardamon pod crushed⁠
• 1 cloves crushed⁠

• Chop your apples up into dice.⁠
• Put a frying pan onto a medium to high heat. Put in the Maple syrup.⁠
• As soon as it starts bubbling, put in your apples and spices and mix well. ⁠
• Now add the zest and juice of the orange and cook until most of the maple syrup has reduced and gone and the apples are soft. ⁠
• Toast two slices of Mindful bites classic Veganettone.⁠
• Top with yoghurt, add a spoonful of your mulled apples and any other toppings you may like to add e.g. pomegranate, pumpkin seeds etc, and enjoy!