DAY 5 The Vegan Xmas gang⁠...

With only 2 Saturday left until Christmas ourselves and the talented The Urban Canteen present to you this delicious Pear and chocolate Galette.⁠

A very simple dessert to make, but looks super impressive sat on the middle of your table.⁠

Lovely flakey puff pastry with a layer of our silky smooth Chocolate & Hazelnut Spread, topped with and orange spiced pear.⁠

Fancy making this delicious recipe then bookmark this post, so you can give this go.⁠

• Roll out vegan pastry⁠
• 3 pears⁠
• Mindful Bites Dark Chocolate & Hazelnut spread⁠
• 1 orange⁠
• pinch of cinnamon⁠
• 1 Tbsp of light brown sugar (extra for a sprinkle over the top)⁠
• Tbsp of melted coconut oil⁠
• Vegan ice cream, custard or cream to serve⁠

• Preheat the oven to 200°c.⁠
• Cut your pears into quarters, so you have 4 wedges from each pear. Cut the centre part from each wedge so there is no core or pips. Cut each wedge into 3, so you now have nice slices,⁠
• In a bowl, squeeze the juice from your orange, then put in your cinnamon and light brown sugar and give it a stir⁠
• Put in your pears slices and gently stir so each slice is covered in the mix. ⁠
• Lay out your vegan puff pastry flat on the table.⁠
• Use a pan or a cake tin as a guide to cut around, cut it an inch bigger around than your tin. Then lay a piece of baking parchment in the bottom of that pan. Place your pastry in the bottom, the pasty should go up the sides, as it is bigger than the tin.⁠
• Spread a thin layer of Dark Chocolate & Hazelnut spread on the base of the pastry round. ⁠
• Now lay in your pear slices in what ever pattern or way you like, I went with a spiral. Now fold over the pastry edges to form a little crust around the edge of your galette. ⁠
• Brush over some melted coconut oil around the edges.⁠
• Bake for approximately 30 minutes or until the crust has gone a deep golden brown and the juices in the pears are bubbling.⁠
• Allow to cool for 10 minutes, remove from the pan, drizzle with a little more dark chocolate and hazelnut spread and served with an accompaniment of your can't beat ice cream though night!!!!⁠