Fibre. Very important. Especially for gut health. So important that we have packed all our four nut butters high in fibre, some of it coming from the nuts and some of it from the wonder root yacon👍⁣

And there is also the other type of fibre which matters.⁣

That is the moral fibre: What is the impact we generate when we consume a specific food? What are the implications of our choices as consumers? Sometimes it is pretty obvious, for example when something comes in 3 layers of plastic packaging we definitely know what to make of that. Other times it is really hard to understand this impact. Maybe all food products should come with a measure of their impact, with an indication of their true cost beyond the price tag.⁣

When we set out to create our products, our focus always goes on the visible and invisible costs, on the contribution we make, and the usage of resources, and our promise to us and also to all of you is to remain loyal to this promise and our intention to create food which is healthy for all of us as well as the planet.🌎⁣

The Moral Of The Fibre Story | Mindful Bites

Because we need fibre for our tummies, and moral fibre for our hearts.💚⁣