DAY 10 - Today the Vegan Xmas gang are bringing you an absolute "must try"... Let's just say The Urban Canteen did it again!

Who doesn't love a good chocolate tart at Christmas! So say hello to this Chocolate and hazelnut biscotti tart.

This is a really creamy tart, that is super delicate but also holds its shape really well.

Not only do you get to enjoy our gorgeous Chocolate & Hazelnut Spread, you also get to devour our chocolate Biscotti, as that is what the base is made from.

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Here are the deets of this epic dessert!


•Mindful Bites Chocolate Biscotti x 2 boxes
• 2 Tbspn Mindful Bites Chocolate & Hazelnut spread
• 80g Plant-based butter
• 2 x 350g blocks of Silken Tofu
• 200g Melted dark chocolate
• 4 Tbsp of Maple Syrup
• 1 Tbsp Melted coconut oil

• 22-24cm cake/flan tin


• Place all of the Chocolate Biscotti into a food processor and blitz until a breadcrumb like consistency.
• Melt the butter and add it to the biscotti. Blend again so the butter is mixed in and the mixture sticks together when pressed.
• Brush the melted coconut oil over the tin so the sides and bottom is well greased.
• Pour in enough biscotti crumb so the bottom of the tin is completely covered by at least 5 cm of mix. Get a small cup and use the bottom of it to press the crumb down firmly so it is compressed well.
•Now press more of the crumb mix against the sides and press it firmly. Work your way slowly around the entire tin so you have a thick, compressed side all the way around. Now place this in the fridge to chill
• For the filling, drain your tofu and place it in the blender. along with the maple syrup. Blend until smooth.
•Melt your chocolate and allow it to cool slightly.
•Once cooled, add it the to the tofu and blend again until smooth. Now add the chocolate & hazelnut spread and blend once more.
• Remove your tart case from the fridge and spoon your mousse mix into the case to the very top, Place it back in the fridge for approximately 1 hour until set.