We are so excited guys, our Christmas range is now LIVE on our website and we cannot wait to show you all the amazing products and new additions!

Clearly our Vegan Panettone is back, bolder, better than ever and ORGANIC, which is something a lot of you asked us to do last year and we have worked tirelessly behind the scenes to make sure we could deliver that! 

You can choose between the Classic (with candied orange peels and raisins, the original recipe) or Chocolate (with chocolate drops inside, very indulgent!). The Vegan Panettone comes in the traditional sharing format as well as the miniature version (for those times when you just don’t fancy sharing your vegan panettone!).  We are currently enjoying ours toasted in the morning…. Why wait for Xmas?

Vegan Christmas Range | Mindful Bites

We have also expanded the range and included the Vegan Cantucci Biscotti, with their perfect crunch on the outside and irresistibly tender flavoursome centre. Whether you choose the Almond one or the Chocolate one, don’t forget to dunk them in tea, Vin Santo or vegan chocolate & hazelnut spread (obvs our favourite way….)

Vegan Chocolate Christmas Range | Mindful Bites

Check out the range on our shop page... we have also put together some pretty incredible bundle offers for you, with our favourite combinations of products. And also two stunning hamper boxes filled to the brim with all the products.