DAY 18 
Who doesn't love a cup of indulgent hot chocolate!⁠

With the added element of our Chocolate & Hazelnut Spread, The Urban Canteen has created a VERY delicious hot chocolate.

Because the vegan xmas gang love to put a little spin on things, you can prepare these in advance and then the only thing you need to do is warm up some milk when you fancy some.. How easy is that!!⁠


• 2 x tablespoons Mindful Bites Chocolate & Hazelnut spread⁠

•Plant based milk of your choice ⁠

• 200g Dark Chocolate⁠

• Coconut oil⁠

• lolly pop sticks ⁠

• shot glasses/ice cube tray⁠


• Rub a little coconut oil on the inside of your shot glasses or ice cube tray. ⁠

• Place a pan of water on the stove with a bowl on top (one that is big enough to sit on your pan). Gently bring the water to the boil.⁠

• Place your chocolate into the bowl and stir until melted. Once melted, add in your Mindful Bites chocolate & hazelnut spread and stir until well combined.⁠

• Pour your chocolate mix into your shot glasses/ice cube tray, place a lolly pop stick into each one (if you are using an ice cube tray, this step may not be necessary if you feel you can push the cube out of the tray) and place into the fridge for 45 minutes until set. ⁠

• Heat a mug of milk up by your desired method. Remove one of the hot chocolate portions from their moulds, drop it into your mug of hot milk and stir until it melts into a delicious cup of hot chocolate.⁠

So easy!! Bookmark this post so you can try this recipe.