…Because 2020 should end with some fun!

Day 5 of our delicious Vegan Gang daily recipe posts!

Today we present to you this decadent Pistachio & Orange Snickers created by the awesome The Urban Canteen and made with our velvety smooth Dark Choc & Hazelnut Spread.🤩⁠

- 1 cup of ground Almonds⁠
- 1 cup of dates⁠
- handful of peanuts - chopped⁠
- 170g dark chocolate⁠
- 1 tsp coconut oil⁠
- Mindful bites Chocolate & Hazelnut Spread⁠
- zest of one orange⁠
- handful of pistachios - chopped⁠

- In a food processor, blitz the almonds and dates until a dough forms (just keep blitzing, they will eventually form a dough).⁠
- Mix in your roughly chopped peanuts by hand.⁠
- Press this dough into a tin, tray, mould or whatever you would like to put it in. You want to ideally put it in a tin so this dough will be approximately 1cm high.⁠
- Spread a layer of Mindful bites chocolate & hazelnut spread over the dough and refrigerate for 30 minutes.⁠
- Meanwhile, melt your chocolate and coconut oil together in a bowl over some boiling water.⁠
- Once melted, remove your date mixture from the fridge, pour your melted chocolate over the top to create a lovely chocolate layer. Sprinkle over your pistachios and orange zest, put back in the fridge for another 30 minutes to chill.⁠
- Turn out from the mould or slice into bars whilst it is still in the mould and serve.