Can you create indulgence by just choosing quality sustainably-sourced ingredients? ⁣

That was our mission when we created our premium nut butters and what drives us every single time we create a product. We could opt for easy short-cuts, we could add few things here and there just to make the product sweeter, cheaper, more stable on the shelf. But that’s not our game, that’s not our why, not what gets us up in the morning.🙅⁣

Every single time we dip a spoon in one of our jars, we are happy. Because we are proud of our products and most importantly we are proud of the awesome people behind the scenes and their love for the land and their care for the crops. 🌍We are proud of using different nuts and ingredients, thus promoting biodiversity in agriculture and not relying on a single ingredients which creates unnecessary pressure on the supply chain.⁣

We Let The Nut Butter Do The Talking | Mindful Bites

We are very proud of our products and the benefits they can promote in our health and the health of the planet.👍We truly are proud, even if we don’t really talk much about the benefits of our products. ⁣


We prefer to let the nuts do the talking.😉⁣