It is a bit like being a superhero really. They don’t just think of themselves, they go out there and help everybody.👏⁣

For us superfoods are the superheroes foods which work wonders for us whilst ensuring that everybody else benefits as well. They help farming communities improve their lives👩‍🌾; they promote sensible use of our planet’s resources without using too much water or creating too much waste. They don’t require an unreasonable manufacturing process to become edible yummy foods.⁣

What's So Super About Superfoods? | Mindful Bites

So when we choose our superheroes foods, we forget the marketing labels and focus on the the collective health, planet included.🌍⁣

Funny how time and time again we notice how those foods which are kinder to the planet end up being healthier for us as well. Coincidence? Uhm maybe not😉⁣

Hazelnut and Berry Bar | Mindful Bites