Why make snacking a Mindful Moment

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Hello again Mindful Friends!

At Mindful Bites, a mindful approach is at the heart of everything we do, and we’d love to share these next few mindful moments with you all. Now that you have heard a little more about our why and where it all began, we want to introduce you all to our very own concept of snacking with intention.

We know how busy life can be, which is why we promise not to overload you with long-winded information or mindless ‘healthy lifestyle’ preaching that you’ve heard a million times before. Simplicity is key to understanding, and change comes from within.
So, what does snacking with intention mean?

At Mindful Bites, we totally believe that snacking can indeed become a moment of pause. It should be a moment to check in with your emotions, to ask ourselves whether we are actually hungry or are just reaching out to a snack to compensate for some other feeling and finally, a moment to reflect on the role we play in this incredible life journey.

How do we begin snacking with intention? All it takes is to decide to think for a moment about the food we are about to consume. What is inside that snack?  What effect will it have on our bodies and on our mindset? What we are looking for in that moment? By choosing this snack over another snack, what impact are we generating? Where do its ingredients come from? Has the environment been put under any strain throughout its production process?  We always choose to think about the life stories of the food in front of us, and let this discovery journey take us to the farmers behind the ingredients, the hardworking people who look after the land that keeps on giving, despite us continuing to take from it.

Snacking can be a moment of total rest, and it can also be a moment of meditation and reconnection, a moment of discovery, a moment of participating in something bigger. Yes, even that apparently meaningless moment in the day can have a pretty precious meaning. In the end, change happens gradually and is often the result of the accumulation of small, sustainable actions.

Let us take you on a journey of some of our most treasured ingredients.

Each of our ingredients has its own precious story to tell, just like you and me. Your journey as a human most probably started in a hospital. You then would’ve gone on to attend at the very least two schools in your lifetime, perhaps followed by the current popular choice of university. But then what? Your individual path will suddenly become unique and special, different to that little girl who sat next to you in a year four maths class. Suddenly, it becomes clear that each of us make our own paths when we leave the comfortable setting of education and face the ‘real world’. The same happens to our ingredients, they grow, travel and come from somewhere.

At Mindful Bites, we believe that every ingredient should be seen in connection with its unique journey. How did it arrive on the shelves? Connecting the dots between food, the producer and the consumer is key to our mission as mindful thinkers. Here are a few things we think are worth knowing about our cherished products.

Baobab is an ancient type of fruit, 200 million years old to be exact, that comes from the baobab tree, found in Madagascar, Africa and Australia. Often referred to as the ‘tree of life’, baobab acts as a medicinal treatment for malaria and fevers among other illnesses. Families across Africa are able to harvest and sell baobab fruit, using the income they receive from this to pay for healthcare and education, amazing! Capable of supporting communities, we think that baobab deserves enormous recognition and thanks, that we hope to deliver with every bite.

After these initial discoveries, we decided to take a closer look into the journey and qualities of this stunning fruit. When compared with other sources of vitamin C, we noticed that baobab was in a league of its own, containing more than 6x the amount of vitamin C than an average orange. We next discovered its next charm, that it is able to create a powder inside its own shell, minimising the manufacturing process. This means that baobab makes you feel great on the inside and doesn’t harm the environment in the process. Baobab, and all of its tangy, citrus flavours that it brings to our taste buds, is a pretty unique ingredient that we think is fully deserving of its title as a superfood.

Cacao is perhaps one of our more well known ingredients. It is the purest form of cocoa, before any processing or additives get involved, that starts its journey as a seed that comes from fruit found in cacao trees. These tropical trees can be found in Central and South America, but because we think it’s so great, we’re more than willing to travel the world to source it. Cacao is harvested by hand, using machetes, and remains one of the few foods to be left untouched by machinery in the harvesting stage of production. We believe that chocolate, in its natural condition, is a luxury that should be enjoyed without restrictions, that’s exactly why we added it to our list of main ingredients. At Mindful Bites, we don’t believe in giving up the things you love most and with the help of cacao, you never have to.

For our next ingredient, we’d like to transport you back to ancient Peru. Popular among indigenous Peruvians, Maca served as an essential source of nutrients, as well as having medicinal features. Today, it has become one of Peru’s main exports, helping support local farmers. As a root vegetable, its cultivation is natural, requiring minimal manufacturing. Maca is a resilient ingredient that is able to survive and grow in harsh mountainous conditions, such as the Andes, and can be grown as high as 14,000 feet. This means it is capable of thriving in areas where other root vegetables would fail to grow. Known to be a natural energiser, by adding a touch of maca to your day you’ll feel ready to face anything.

Our next beloved ingredient requires little introduction. We’ve all heard of Berries of some kind before, but have you heard their story? For our Mindful Bites snacks, we combine blueberries, a powerful superfood packed with antioxidants, with black mulberries that originally come from Asia. Dating back to the 1500s, the black mulberry is so easy to grow that it can be done in your very own garden which helps decrease manufacturing and transport costs. For the perfect combination, we paired our powerfully flavoursome blueberries and black mulberries with hazelnut to add a sweet aftertaste after every bite, leaving you feeling more satisfied.

From the planting of a seed, right through to cultivation and manufacturing, thought goes into every aspect of our mindful products. This is how we reconnect with the food we consume. It’s all about changing behaviours, one bite at a time.

So next time you reach for that snack, have a read over its list of ingredients, and maybe take the time to get to know each of them just a little better. Join us in becoming part of the solution, not the problem.

Happy thinking, mindful friends!

Love Stephanie


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