Little Taster Box of 4 Crunchy Bites


4 Crunchy Bites

filled with nut butter

Gluten and dairy free wafer sticks, filled with our own nut butter.

One per flavour.


Little Taster Box of Crunchy Bites

Crunchy Bites: Gluten-free wafer sticks filled with Nut Butter.

Vegan, dairy free, plant-based protein, no added sugar, no sweeteners and no palm oil.

Less than 1g of Sugar per snack.

An innovative snack, created with health and indulgence in mind. Inspired by mindful eating & sustainable consumption.


Free Shipping available for both options.

*Our unique flavours include:

Cashew & Baobab

Almond & Maca

Hazelnut & Berries

Brazil Nuts & Cacao Nibs

For ingredients & allergens, please refer to the individual product page.