Mega Taster Box with Crunchy Bites & Nut Butter Squeeze Sachets


Mega Taster Box:
  • 4 Multipack of Crunchy Bites (20 Crunchy Bites in total)
  • 4 Multipack of Squeeze Sachets (16 Squeeze Sachets in total)


Mega Taster Box

Two innovative snacks, created with health and indulgence in mind. Inspired by mindful eating & sustainable consumption.

Vegan, dairy free, plant-based protein, no added sugar, no sweeteners and no palm oil.

Less than 1g of Sugar per snack.

Mega Taster Box contains:

  • 4 Multipack of Crunchy Bites (20 Crunchy Bites in total)
  • 4 Multipack of Squeeze Sachets (16 Squeeze Sachets in total)
  • (36 snacks in total across our 4 flavours*)

Free Shipping available for both options.

*Our unique flavours include:

Cashew & Baobab

Almond & Maca

Hazelnut & Berries

Brazil Nuts & Cacao Nibs

Squeeze Sachet: A single portion of Nut Butter, made of the highest quality nuts blended with superfoods, created by foodies for foodies. Highly innovative packaging, with a little straw for a mess-free experience.

Crunchy Bites: Gluten-free wafer sticks filled with our unique nut butters.

For ingredients & allergens, please refer to the individual product page.