The Ultimate Bundle Offer: 4 Nut Butter Jars, 20 Crunchy Bites & 16 Squeeze Sachets


The Ultimate Bundle Offer

It includes:  4 Nut Butter Jars, 16 Squeeze Sachets, 20 Crunchy Bites


The Ultimate Bundle Offer





Four Nut Butter Jars (4 in total)
  • Healthy yet indulgent, this rich nut butter is a powerhouse of health with explosive taste.
  • Made with the highest quality of selected nuts and blended with superfoods.
  • This beautifully velvety texture is designed to release the full burst of flavours slowly, creating a highly decadent experience.
  • Try it on its own, on toast or with fruit, in porridge or muesli. Also delicious with yoghurt and smoothies.
  • You can use to bake healthier treats and also add to frozen yoghurt or ice-cream.
Squeeze Sachets of Nut Butter (16 in total)

Individual portions of nut butters, in innovative mess-free packaging, perfect for active busy people.  They work well as a pre or post workout, on their own or paired with something else, just handy to carry anywhere. The little straw makes it totally mess-free when eating on-the-go.

Vegan, dairy free, plant-based protein, no added sugar, no sweeteners and no palm oil.

Less than 1g of Sugar per snack.

The Xmas Special includes:  4 Multipack, each containing 4 Squeeze Sachets (16 snacks in total)

Crunchy Bites filled with Nut Butter (20 in total)

Gluten-free wafer sticks filled with Nut Butter.  An innovative snack, created with health and indulgence in mind. Inspired by mindful eating & sustainable consumption.

Vegan, dairy free, plant-based protein, no added sugar, no sweeteners and no palm oil.

Less than 1g of Sugar per snack.


Our flavours include:
Almond & Maca:
Intensely velvety nut butter, the sweetness of the almond gets enhanced by the caramel tones of the premium Peruvian maca and a hint of sweetness from the lucuma and yacon.
Cashew & Baobab:
A unique flavour obtained by expertly balancing the natural sweetness of the cashew nuts with the tang of the sustainably sourced baobab, with subtle caramel tones from the lucuma and yacon.
Hazelnut & Berries:
Highly popular with adults and children alike, a rich and memorable nut butter with an intense distinctive hazelnut taste and delicate berries after tones.
Brazil Nuts & Cacao Nibs:
Created for chocolate lovers, this dark, rich and intense nut butter is created with the purest Ecuadorian cacao nibs and finest Brazil nuts, all gently blended with lucuma and yacon for a hint of sweetness and caramel nuances.

For ingredients & allergens, please refer to the individual product page.


Please note that the items will be shipped altogether in a white postal box – gift wrapping is only available on request.  Please contact us directly on if you prefer a gift wrapping option or presentation in a hamper.



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